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Room Tour

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you…




I’m super happy with every single aspect of my living situation for the first time since moving up to Auckland 🙂

My flatting history shows as follows:

  • 2013: Moved up to Auckland in July, after spending three months in Barcelona. Two of my dear workmates from Wellington joined the epic venture to the “Big City”. The 6 months here was pleasant enough. The Kenwyn place had an ideal location in theory, which unfortunately did not carry through in practice.
  • 2014: I decided I wanted to move into a student hall/hostel. Cramped ensuite + Anti-social floor = Not fun.
  • 2014: Moved in with one of my closest friends, at the end of June, into a tiny unit in a brilliant location. The New North place was newly renovated and had nice carpet, but did not cater for the amount of people living there. Liesh was never home, and I never had the sense of feeling “at home”.
  • 2015: Come my latest move!


The moving process to get here was quite a mission. It just so happened to occur the week leading into exams, but no pain no gain right?


One of the girls from Kenwyn was overdue to get out of that place- she would move into a nice new place with me + my friend from New North (shoutout to Lish and Liesh if you’re reading hehe). Plans didn’t go as expected but life always seems to work out for the better.

Lish and I found the most incredibly facilitated place on our first viewing together. It was meant to be. We applied and got it. However, let me bring your attention back to when I aforementioned statement of plans not going as expected. Liesh was no longer able to join us. This was tricky because this incredible new place had three bedrooms.

We decided to take the risk and invite a stranger into our soon-to-be home.


There were a plethora of random not-applicable applicants.

But as I said, life always seems to work out for the better!

The Richardson Place now houses two beautiful souls and myself.


We are all incredibly like-minded, and spent the entire first day together as if it we had already been hanging out for years.


Fast-forward one month, and I now have the perfectly sized place, in a quiet-but-accessible location, with awesome amenities, combined with two amazing people, and I’m thriving! Yay.


Following the sensation of life clicking together, I can now focus on other things. Above is my vision board for the rest of the year. Gen introduced me to this concept, and you can read more about it here.

Essentially, mine’s composed of four people who I find inspiring as of this current moment, coupled with a little quote that I find summarises my connection with them, and little bits of written paper that comprise my personal “vision” pins.



My glass desk was purchased for its dual-purpose functionality. Its beautiful but I also read somewhere that you can use glass as a white board. I like to doodle a lot, and need to write lists all the time. I’m quite a goal-orientated person. This works wonders for me.

I sit on a swiss ball because I get restless in chairs. It’s good for your posture, which is a bonus.


You may have also noticed that I have a few indoor plants lying around. I love the idea of being surrounded by living nature, and this is my first time looking after any living being of any sort. Fingers crossed they don’t die! If this all works well, the next step is to get a flat Guinea Pig!


Thus I conclude my room tour. I just washed my sheets, hence no neat bed pictures.

I want to end this post on the quote I re-write on my desk every other day. If there’s anything you want in life, you have to understand that you will never “find” the time to pursue it. The time is there. You just need to make it.

Lots of love,

Erica xx.





  1. Meagan Kerr Meagan Kerr June 25, 2015

    Your new place looks rad, I love how light it is! I hope it feels like home xo

    • erica erica June 27, 2015

      Thanks Meagan 🙂 It feels so wonderfully and comfortably so! Hope you’re having a lovely day xx

  2. Jess Jess June 28, 2015

    Your place looks awesome! I love so many of your decorative touches especially your vision board. It can be so hard to find a good living situation when flatting so good on you for finding somewhere you can thrive.

    • erica erica July 2, 2015

      Thanks Jess! I appreciate this comment 🙂 I am indeed thriving. Auckland is a great city!

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