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Hello lovely!

Welcome to my wee corner of the webosphere 🙂

Some people collect shells, others collect stamps- I collect little nuggets of humanity. Below is a peek into a collection of information which has had a profound effect on shaping my view of the world. I hope it can help shape yours too.

The initial conception of this blog was for it to be my way of making people more aware of their impact on the world by discussing various topics and encouraging a vegan lifestyle. Since then gorgeous Ayla was born on September 2017 and she has changed my world!

Eclectic Erica has now morphed into a blog about living consciously as a millennial mum.


Erica x


Profiles on interesting people:
Jose Mujica on mental sobriety and experience
Manoj Bhargava on innovation and the future of the world
Ricardo Semlar on alternative ways of manifesting motivation in organisations
Steve Jobs on the secrets of life and breaking the rules
Steve Jobs on taking action and failure
A TED Talk on Bhutan, a country that measures their growth on Gross National Happiness vs traditional GDP
Self Development:
A Q&A by The Minimalists on Minimalism
A TEDx Talk on how you’re screwing yourself over from getting what you want in life
Human the movie: a beautiful collection of stories and accounts from 2,000 people in over 60 countries that aims to answer what it is that makes us human
VOLUME 1: Love, women, work and poverty
VOLUME 2: War, forgiving, homosexuality, family and life after death
VOLUME 3: Happiness, education, disability, immigration, corruption and the meaning of life
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