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A Vegan Reviews: Cosset

Once upon a time, there was a quaint and cosy cafe named Cosset. It lived just down the road, from my humble abode. Cosset was a land, full of funky frames and furniture. It was welcoming and warm, a place you would hide from a storm. The friendly staff always wore smiles, through the ummm’s and ahhhh’s of the indecisive folk. People travelled near and far, to be here they were stoked.


This café is considered a wee bit of a hidden gem, located just past the Mt Albert shops. Cosset would be classified under the breed of cafe that exudes a whimsical and inviting aura, much like that of Wellington’s Cuba St café scene for those of you who know it. The peculiar fairytale-esque intro to the blog post was my attempt to encapsulate that essence… “paint the picture” if you will. If that intro wasn’t quite vibin’, I don’t blame ya. I tried.


The down-to-earth, eclectic setting is reminiscent of a place you would be found reading an old copy of Alice in Wonderland. A copy which you could quite possibly find at their Opstop.

The Opstop is a wee stand located outside the shop, and is based on the now old-fashioned principle of community goodwill. You yield the means to donate, trade or obtain loved goods through an honesty box. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” as they say. This mantra seems to be at the core of the cafe’s demeanour, with it’s mismatched furniture, china plate wall displays, and nick-nack filled nooks-and-crannies.


On this particular occasion I ordered a lavender latte, coupled with blueberry almond hotcakes, a side of fresh seasonal fruits, and cashew cream. Today’s crew weren’t so adventurous in the food department, having all settled on variations of hotcakes (Sheena’s also written a post which you can check out here). However, on previous occasions I have ordered such things as a baked bean pie (comfort food at its finest), a gf orange cashew cookie, mini raspberry white chocolate muffins, and a morrocan carrot mushroom bagel-thingy. All were delightful, and all are proudly vegan.


If you’re into some good home-made style food, with a homey-style environment, then let this be your home away from home. Omnivores are not forgotten, having the option of dairy milk in their coffees, or dairy cream in their hotcakes. Just a little something to help reassure them you aren’t trying to “force your views” on them. Vegans and plant-powered beings alike on the other hand, are spoiled for choice with thoughtful cabinet food. Come one, come all.

Erica xx

1087 New North Road
Mt Albert
Auckland 1025

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